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Contre les attaques enfiellées de sycophantes haineux

Contre les attaques enfiellées de sycophantes haineux

The Former Santaroza Courthouse, one of the first public and most emblematic buildings to be constructed all along the establishment of the modern Greek state.

This building, designed by architect Joseph Hoffer, operated through seventy years as the Royal and then National Printing House, up to 1906. The destruction sustained by a fire in 1854 has been crucial and its rehabilitation came no earlier than the Interwar Period when transformed to a Courthouse under the supervision of architect Foivos Zoukis. Architectural elements such as the second-floor addition, the neoclassical style main entrance and the rosace-frieze decoration, still remain unaffected up to nowadays. This has been the place where, in 1951, the famous resistance partisan Nikos Beloyannis’s first trial took place.

Santaroza building, sealed over almost 35 years, was open during 2021 Athens Biennale.

Publié le 1er février 2022

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